COOL BAND: The Daysleepers

The DaysleepersSo… it seems I have a thing for “80s mash-up bands” lately.

First, I wrote about Blondfire, a band that sounds like early Pet Shop Boys with Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne as lead singer.

Just a few weeks have passed since then, and now I’ve stumbled upon The Daysleepers, a band that sounds like a cross between the Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me sound of The Cure and the Cocteau Twins!

There isn’t much else to say about the band, other than that they were founded in Buffalo, New York in November of 2004. So I guess something good – other than hot wings – can came from Buffalo! The Daysleepers MySpace page is here, and their official website (under heavy construction) is here.

Have a listen to “Lovesparkles”, a track from their newest album Drowned In A Sea of Sound and tell me what you think!


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