What’s Your Compass?

For years, the Libertarian Party has argued that the traditional “Left vs. Right” argument in politics is meaningless. And they have a point. One can be a “right winger”, but that doesn’t take into account that there also an “authoritarian\libertarian” element to your beliefs. George W. Bush, for example, could be a right winger that leans to the authoritarian side, while Ron Paul would be a right winger that leans (heavily) libertarian. On the other hand, traditional communists would fall on the “left wing, authoritarian” side, while a “libertarian socialist” like Noam Chomsky would fall under the “left wing, libertarian” definition.

I’ve taken the “Political Compass” quiz in the past, and I recently took it again. Here are my results:

My CompassThink you’d be interested in finding out where you fall on the compass scale? Click here to go to the main site (or click here to go directly to the quiz). If you have a few minutes to spare, you should take the quiz… I think you might be surprised at where you fall on the compass!

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