What’s For Dinner, Jim?

The missus and I were at the Bi-Lo recently, where I happened to spot two packs of barbecue-rub chicken leg quarters for 98¢ each. It was a bargain! Last night, I decided to throw one of them on the grill:

Barbequed Chicken!
Barbecued Chicken!

I slathered the meat in Smack Yo’ Mama brand’s “Death Wish” barbecue sauce, which absolutely brought the heat!

And I only just yesterday learned how to grill leg quarters: you only light one of your grill’s burners, and set that burner to the generous side of “medium”. Brush a little oil on the grill and grill the chicken around 3 minutes per side over the direct heat. Have a spray bottle handy – chicken is fatty, and it could turn into a fiery, greasy mess! Anyway, after the bird has gotten the three minutes per side, brush the other (unlit) side of the grill with a little oil and move the bird there. Brush on some sauce, then drop the lid and let it cook for around 45 minutes, flipping and basting occasionally.


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