Cool Mad Men Sites

I know that some of you might be sick of all the talk about Mad Men, but I just wanted to let you guys know about two cool Mad Men websites.

The first is AMC’s official Mad Men site. Yes, it’s an official site owned and operated by AMC, but there’s lots of great stuff at there, like blogs, trivia games, episode guides and a lot more. The Mad Men blog is especially interesting, as it contains not only interviews with cast and crew members, but also the “1960s Handbook”, which focuses on background information about many of the places, objects and companies featured on the show. The site is, in my opinion, great, and if you like the show, it’s absolutely worth a visit.

The second site is a bit silly, yet thought-provoking at the same time. It’s called What Would Don Draper Do? and it features “questions” that people allegedly send in to the site, which “Don” answers. Think of it like “Dear Abby”, only run by a hard-livin’ guy from the 1960s. There are also lots of free-form quotes inspired by things Don says on the actual show. The funny thing is, the quotes tend to come across sounding a bit like fortune cookies… like “Don’t be cruel unless it serves both parties equally” or “Don’t fight. Say whatever she thinks you should” or (my personal favorite) “Teach your eight-year-old daughter to bartend”.

Both sites have RSS feeds, too… so you don’t need to check them all the time.

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