Veronica Mars: The Movie?

Fans of the late, great Veronica Mars… prepare to pee in your pants!

Word on the Intarwebs is that series creator Rob Thomas and Kristin Bell got together last week for some “serious discussions” about bringing our favorite teenage supersleuth to the silver screen. Word on the street – and this is very preliminary – says that the movie might be based on the “Veronica Joins the FBI” trailer\teaser that Thomas put together for the folks at The CW for a 4th season of the show… which, of course, never happened. The teaser is available on the Season 3 DVD set. You can also watch part 1 of the “FBI Trailer” on YouTube here; watch part 2 here.

Could it really happen? Let’s hope so! If crap shows like The Dukes of Hazzard can get made into movies, why not a show that Buffy creator Joss Whedon called “The. Best. Show. Ever. Seriously, I’ve never gotten more wrapped up in a show I wasn’t making, and maybe even more than those… These guys know what they’re doing on a level that intimidates me”. Kevin Smith (of Clerks fame) said that “Veronica Mars is, hands-down, the best show on television right now, and proof that TV can be far better than cinema. Some of the best TV ever produced”. Stephen King called it “Nancy Drew meets Philip Marlowe, and the result is pure nitro. Why is Veronica Mars so good? It bears little resemblance to life as I know it, but I can’t take my eyes off the damn thing.” And comic book legend Ed Brubaker called it “The best mystery show ever made in America.”


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  1. I like to watch Veronica Mars episodes as well Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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