Vote for the next History Blog article!

UPDATE: The people have spoken! Look for “The Border Blasters” as the next History Blog entry tomorrow morning!

I hope you guys are enjoying the History Blog! History is one of my favorite subjects, and the History Blog allows me shine a light into some of the forgotten or mysterious events in human history.

I’ve decided to do something different for my next History Blog article: to allow you to vote for which article you’d like to see!

Below are several ideas that I’ve been kicking around. In fact, I’ll probably do History Blog posts on all of them in the coming months. But which one should I do first?

“The Brotherhood”: The day the Irish invaded Canada.

“The Triumph of Everyman”: How a humble English carpenter outsmarted Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Nevil Maskelyne.

“No Rest For The Wicked”: The curious fate of Oliver Cromwell’s head.

“Border Blaster”: The Mexican radio station that created Wolfman Jack and changed American music forever.

“Holy Toledo!”: When two US states almost went to war, and how it created one of the greatest rivalries in college sports.

“The Vanishing Map”: Why over 3000 English villages no longer exist.

“Elizabeth’s Eyes”: How Sir Francis Walsingham invented the modern spy agency.

The votes are recorded via IP address, and only one vote is allowed per IP. So if you vote and get an error saying that you’ve already voted, someone at your IP address has apparently already chosen his or her favorite.

To vote, just click the option you prefer in the sidebar!

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