10 Replies to “Linda Hamilton: Gross”

  1. Of course I don’t expect her to stay young forever. It’s just that she’s aging BADLY.

    I guess all those years of tanning and “self-medicating” have caught up to her (she’s bi-polar; she “treated herself” with drugs and alcohol for years before going to see a doctor).

  2. I think it’s great that atleast one ore two women can refuse botox or face peels or whatever facelifts they use to look young!! I still think she is beautiful because she is atleast being honest to herself!

  3. I was doing research on James Cameron, which got me to thinking about Linda Hamilton, whom I really used to think was hot. Figuring she’d probably be in her 50s now, I thought I’d try to find some recent pics of her.
    Well, O. M. G.
    How sad. And most of the new photos of her were accompanied by articles like this one. I know that everyone gets old, beauty is fleeting, etc., but a stunner like her living in a time like this with money like hers at a relatively not-too-old age like that should NOT look so awful.
    Just saw a recent pic of the even older Lindsay Wagner, and she STILL looks like the Bionic Woman.
    Shame on you, Linda. You did something wrong and you need to fix it.

  4. There is nothing wrong with aging. It is an inevitable process since the day you were born. Instead of blaming Linda Hamilton for getting old, why not give her our moral support? Just remember how beautiful she used to be. Irrespective of how she looks, she is still the same Linda Hamilton within.

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