The SWEETEST Show Ever!

Oh my God… is Pushing Daisies the SWEETEST show of all time or what?

Sadly, the show might not be around for much longer. The “Strike Disease” that’s affecting all of the new shows from last season that were cut off by the strike – Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Dirty Sexy Money, just to name a few – is really affecting Daisies. The show was originally a surprise hit, pulling in better-than-expected numbers for ABC. However, after the writer’s strike, the show simply isn’t gaining traction. Mainstream media like MSNBC are wondering what’s wrong with the show, while ratings blogs like tvbythenumbers are “this close” to putting the show in the “likely to be cancelled” death pool.

Which is a crying shame. There really hasn’t ever been a TV show like Daisies. Yes, it’s like a favorite comfy sweater or pillow… and it almost makes me tear up at least once per episode.

So… enjoy it while you can , folks!


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