Random TV News

Here’s a bunch of random stories from the world of TV land:

– Fox has cancelled King of the Hill. Well, not “cancelled” so much as “will not renew”. This isn’t exactly surprising, since the show’s creators have moved on to other things – Mike Judge is doing a new series for ABC and Greg Daniels went on to produce The Office for NBC.

– For some reason, Fox has renewed American Dad. The show is OK, but I find the premise wearing thin.

– Jon Hamm of Mad Men is in talks to play Liz Lemon’s boyfriend in several episodes of 30 Rock.

– It might be the end for Pushing Daisies. Word on the street is that ABC has told the show’s producers to treat episode 13 as the “series finale” just in case the show does not get the order for the “back nine” episodes. Actually, the episode is supposed to work “either way” – as a series finale or as a springboard for the final nine episodes – so the network is covered in either case. This is both good and bad news. “Bad” because it looks like Daisies won’t be around next year; “Good” because it appears that the show, at the very least, won’t be unceremoniously yanked off the air.

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