Revolt Against TEC Continues…

The revolt against the leadership of The Episcopal Church continued today.

Firstly, the Diocese of Quincy (Illinois) voted to leave TEC and join the Province of the Southern Cone. That the diocese voted to leave is not surprising; the overwhelming vote in favor of the move was:

Clergy: 46 Yes, 4 No (92%)
Lay: 55 Yes, 8 No (87%)

For the record that’s three entire dioceses that have voted to leave the Episcopal Church (the other two are San Joaquin and Pittsburgh). I can smell a new American province already!

Also today, the diocese of Pittsburgh voted to reelect Bob Duncan as bishop. Duncan had been deposed (removed from power) by the House of Bishops by a vote on September 18, 2008. The diocese of Pittsburgh then voted to leave the TEC and join the Province of the Southern Cone on October 4. As expected, the diocese reelected Duncan today. Read more about it here.

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