Gemma Atkinson Makes Me Tingly

Although my friend Scott probably thinks she’s “plastic” or “fake”, British model Gemma Atkinson just does it for me. British? Check! Pretty eyes? Check! Slammin’ bod? Check and double check:

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

4 Replies to “Gemma Atkinson Makes Me Tingly”

  1. As a woman and an old one at that – I need to ask this question just once – would you really consider for one split second that your friend Scott is wrong??

  2. Hey Eva!!!

    Well, we were sitting around the house one night, knocking back a few beer and talking about things. My friend Calvin mentioned a post I had written called “The Chick List”, and Scott burst out with “Oh – THAT? All those horrible plastic people?’ (or something to that effect). I was like “Gee, THANKS friend!” What a jackass, huh?

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