Time to Bench LB?

NFL head coaches hate benching starting quarterbacks. Starting quarterbacks usually have the most overall talent in their position on a team. And they say something about the head coach and his philosophy and decision-making skills. Benching a quarterback for reasons other than health means that you might not have made the “correct” decision the first time… or that “panic time” has set in. Neither option is good for a football team.

But so it is that the Steelers face this question this very week. Large Benjamin is not only not living up to his gigantic paycheck, he’s directly costing his team games. His 4 interceptions against the Giants cost the Steelers the game. The Colts rolled up 14 points off his interceptions.

But perhaps the best example comes from the Redskins game. The Steelers offense, which struggled mightily against the Redskins, roared instantly to life when an injury to Rothlisberger forced seasoned veteran Byron Leftwich to enter the game. Once Leftwich came in, the offense, which could barely get a first down in three quarters with Big Ben, suddenly “clicked”, and the Steelers almost instantly ran up 2 touchdowns.

So the word in the blogosphere is that fans (and certain sports writers) think that Ben should be benched for this week’s game against the Chargers. And you know what? I think they might be right. Maybe Ben’s shoulder is hurt much worse than we had been led to believe. Maybe he’s just in a slump. I don’t know. What I do know is that the Steelers defense has been playing their hearts out, only to have Large Benjamin throw the games away with stupid plays. So why not give Byron a chance? With the way he’s playing, there’s even talk of him looking for a starting job next year… so why not use him while we have him?

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