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Stand Firm has published a great interview with Jack Iker, the bishop of Fort Worth (for now). Iker, known as a cantankerous defender of Anglican orthodoxy, lays down the smack in this interview on a variety of issues, mostly to do with the founding of a new Anglican province in America. Here’s an excerpt:

Stand Firm: But surely Katharine Schori and the powers that be are not going to let the diocese of Fort Worth – which is not just a high-profile diocese, but one that hasn’t been shy about expressing its disagreements with the national church – surely they’re not going to just let you go without exhausting all of their canonical and legal options.

Bishop Iker: I fully expect that I’ll receive notification from the Presiding Bishop’s office, within days of our diocesan convention, that I’ve been inhibited. Of course by then it will be irrelevant, because I won’t be under the authority of the Episcopal Church. But they’ll play that out in the same that they did with Bishops Schofield and Duncan. What the “Remain Episcopal” people here are told by David Booth Beers – they’ve been to New York and met with him – is that I’ll be inhibited right after our convention, then I’ll have sixty days to recant, and if I don’t then I will be deposed at the next meeting of the House of Bishops, which is some time in March. After that, they’re planning on having the new organizing convention here in April, and probably get organized, elect a new standing committee, and a new provisional bishop.

Read the whole thing here.

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