More Bobcat Bashing!

I like bashing the Charlotte Bobcats on this site. It’s true that I didn’t live here during the brouhaha over the new arena, but Lisa was vehemently opposed to it, as were most of her friends and coworkers. So their “Screw the Bobcats!” attitude has rubbed off on me. To this very day, I have only seen someone wearing a Bobcats shirt or sweatshirt twice; while it’s common to see people wearing Panthers or Tar Heels shirts to the store or mall, you’ll never see a Bobcats shirt. And besides, the Bobcats suck: only the 1-10 Washington Bullets (I refuse to call them “Wizards”) are doing worse. Also, it seems like any time the Bobcats front office had a decision that would either make them “heroes” or “zeroes” in this city, management went out of its way to piss off Charlotteans. So here’s a fun Bobcats bash for you:

I joined Facebook a couple of months ago and quickly found out about Facebook’s “gift system”. Basically, anyone can create a “gift application”, in which you upload pictures of products, celebrities, drinks, etc. to the Facebook site. You then caption each pic and pick an order for them to be revealed to end users. Once someone sends another user a “gift”, more of your “gifts” are unlocked to them.

Well, I thought it was kind of fun, so I created my own gift application: “Gifts From Charlotte”. I filled it with Cheerwine, fried chicken from Price’s Chicken Coop, ice cream from Tony’s, fried pickles from The Penguin, and other Charlotte treats. Imagine my surprise when I searched for it in the Facebook directory the other day and noticed this:

(click to embiggen)
(click to embiggen)

The “Charlotte Bobcats Fans” group is the largest Bobcats group on Facebook. It has 310 active users. There are a couple of other Bobcats apps; as you can see, they have 3 members here and 5 members there. All told, the Bobcats have around 320 active fans on Facebook.

My silly “Gifts From Charlotte” app… the thing I threw together on a whim one day… has 1,108 monthly users – which is almost 3.5 times as many fans as the lowly Bobcats. The UNCC 49ers fan app (the first entry listed above) has 1,490 members. So UNCC – a local college that has a respectable, if unspectacular, basketball team – has 4.6 times as many fans as and NBA team!

Lord, the Bobcats are sad!

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