How Tina Fey Got Her Scar

Comedienne Tina Fey has a prominent scar on her face. She’s never revealed how she got that scar, and that’s caused a flurry of speculation on the Interwebs. Hell, there’s even a whole website – the Tina Fey Scar Detective – dedicated to finding out what happened.

Obsessive Internet geeks will no longer have to guess what happened. In the January issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Jeff Richmond (Fey’s husband), says that “a stranger slashed Fey’s face when she was 5 years old… in the front yard of her house”. Richmond further states that “[the] scar was fascinating to me. This is somebody who, no matter what it was, has gone through something. And I think it really informs the way she thinks about her life”. For her part, Fey always felt that talking about the attack would feel like exploiting it, and that’s why she’s kept quiet about it all these years. Well, that, and it bothers her parents, who feel somewhat responsible for the attack.

Oh, and Fey is on the cover, too. Yowza!!!

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