The USB lunch bag!

Asians have this “thing” for USB gadgets. Sometimes these gadgets are useless, like the USB Fragrance Oil Burner, the USB Humping Dog (no, it’s not a flash drive, it’s just a toy that looks like it’s humping your USB port when plugged in), a USB fridge that only holds one can at at time, or the USB-powered Hamster Wheel (it’s a toy hamster, by the way).

Even when a USB gadget is actually useful, Asians like dressing it up. Take the USB thumb drive that looks like sushi, for example. Even the Brits have gotten in on it with the USB mincemeat pie flash drive!

I’ve never been interested in actually owning any of these USB devices… until now! Behold the USB-powered lunch bag:

The manufacturers claim that the bag will hold the contents at 140F as long as the device is plugged in to a USB port on your computer. Engadget doesn’t know when (or even if) the bags will make it to the US.

All I know is that I want one!

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