Friday News Dump

– Ever feel discombobulated after going through the security checkpoint at the airport? No worries: the good people at the Milwaukee airport have created a “Recombobulation Area”:

– Boy George is probably going to jail.

– Prohibition was repealed 75 years ago today. Happy Repeal Day!

– What if Plaxico Burress had his own comic book?

– Swedish researchers have used CCTV to create a body-swap illusion. Apparently the illusion is so good that people think they’ve actually swapped bodies! Said one of the researchers, “[the] effect is so robust that, while experiencing being in another person’s body, a participant can face his or her biological body and shake hands with it without breaking the illusion.” Cool!

– Wanna know how much the 2008 government bailout actually costs? Adjusted for inflation, the bailout costs as much as the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, the Race to the Moon, the 1980s S&L Crisis, the Korean War, The New Deal, the initial invasion of Iraq, the Vietnam War, and the entire lifetime of NASA… combined:

– I don’t know how reliable the Malaysian Insider is, but they have this chilling report (reprinted from the Times of India) about the Mumbai attackers. Read the whole thing… it’ll make your skin crawl!

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