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Confused by the ever-increasing numbers of rules in the NFL? So is everyone else. And by “everyone else”, I mean coaches, players… even the referees themselves. Check out this article that talks about some of the more obscure rules that have come to light this season.

But at least the NFL is in good financial shape… ‘cos you can’t say the same about many NHL franchises. I don’t have an NHL team near me, so I had no idea it had come to this:

The deepest discounts are offered by the Atlanta Thrashers, Florida Panthers and New York Islanders. The Islanders’ $99 family fun pack for a game on Dec. 31 includes four tickets regularly priced at $80 each. In addition, the Isles throw in four hot dogs and soft drinks, two children’s watches, a $40 Dave & Busters voucher and a coupon for 10 per cent off at a children’s-wear store.

The Panthers are similarly generous, offering a regularly priced $42 ticket for $17. Fans also receive free parking, a combo meal and a $5 gasoline card. Parking is usually $10 at the Panthers’ arena, which means that if the other amenities are subtracted from the ticket price, you could make a case that the club is actually paying the fan to attend the game. Happy holidays!

In Atlanta, Thrasher fans can buy a family pack of four tickets and four chicken-sandwich combo meals at various prices. The most expensive package is $149, which breaks down to $37.45 a ticket, and that’s if the meal is not counted. The regular price on those seats is $300, making for a discount of 87.5 per cent.

Wow! But things are fine, right Gary?

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