Burress has a BAD history…

Ever wonder why the Pittsburgh Steelers let all-star wide receiver Plaxico Burress go back in 2004?

Well, wonder no longer. Plaxico Burress is trouble. Everyone knows that. But the sheer extent of his troublemaking is appalling. Check it out:

The Associated Press found that, since Burress joined the NFL in 2000, he has been sued at least nine times by people who said he failed to pay a debt, damaged their car or didn’t pay his taxes.

The people seeking payment from the football star run the gamut, from a Pennsylvania homeowners association trying to collect delinquent dues to a Florida woman whose car Burress rear-ended while driving without insurance. Why? He hadn’t paid the premium.

The pattern of irresponsible behavior extends beyond unpaid debts, records show.

In his hometown of Virginia Beach, Va., Burress has been fined for reckless driving, noise and public intoxication, and threatened with arrest after he didn’t show up in court. Last year in Florida, where he has a home, police twice cited Burress for speeding in the weeks before the car crash, which also earned him a ticket for careless driving.

via New York Giants’ Plaxico Burress has history of lawsuits over debts – ESPN.

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