Wednesday News Dump

Here’s a funny story about my “birth town” of Snellville, GA (my family moved from Snellville to Duluth when I was 13; I consider Snellville to be my “birth town” and Duluth to be my “home town”, if that makes any sense). It seems that the mayor isn’t getting along with a city council member. In fact, relations between the two are so bad that Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer has been asking for police escorts… to the bathroom at City Hall! I guess Oberholtzer is afraid of getting peed on or beaten up… or something.

– If you want news about the Carolina Panthers football team, the last place you want to go is their website. While other teams have sites where mild dissent is welcomed in blogs or opinion pieces, the Carolina Panthers’ site is all about toeing the company line. That’s why the QC Sports Blog advises you to look at the Panthers’ online store – where Julius Peppers and Ken Lucas jerseys are on sale. Is this their subtle way of saying that Peppers and Lucas won’t be back?

– As you probably know, many of England’s cities date back thousands of years. In fact, some of the neighborhoods and streets in Britain are so old that people have forgotten how an area got its name in the first place. This has led to endless arguments over the use of grammar on street signs. For example, one London neighborhood is known as “Earls Court” to the post office and local council, but “Earl’s Court” to the London Underground. The city of Birmingham is so sick of hearing complaints that “St. Paul’s Square” should be “St. Pauls Square” or “Kings Norton” should be “King’s Norton” (or even “Kings’ Norton”) that it has abolished apostrophes on all street signs.

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