Life on Mars is cancelled…

ABC is giving fans of “Life on Mars” some closure.

The network has told producers that it won’t be ordering any additional episodes beyond the 17 currently in the works for this season. But rather than play the usual “Let’s-wait-until-May-before-we-make-a-decision” game regarding the fate of “Mars,” ABC brass have admitted to producers that they won’t be ordering another season of the show.

That means that, rather than letting “Mars” drift away with no resolution, producers will be able to write and film a definitive ending to the saga. Production is expected to continue for at least a few more weeks, with the finale expected to air no later than early April.

via ABC Gives ‘Life on Mars’ a Finale – TVWeek – News.


3 Replies to “Life on Mars is cancelled…”

  1. i find this very depressing. we are stuck with a neverending parade reality crap and a interseting well written show is canned. And just when i switched to a day shift so i will be home at night to catch shows i like. HERES AN IDEA…cancel American Idol…or just kill the judges

  2. Its been cancelled because Americanising something that was not only quintisentially British, But Mancunian doesn’t work. Too much was lost in translation. why insult the American public by assuming that they aren’t smart enough to ‘get’ the original? Audiences all over the rest of the world appreciated the original. As Gene Hunt himself would say just broadcast the bloody original, I’m sure most Americans will appreciate its brilliant writing and superp acting. You guys aint as dumb as the TV Execs think you are. Are you? It may even prompt some to come and visit Manchester (well worth the trip by the way)

  3. oh and Rich, subscribe to BBC America and I think you can see the whole thing, and the sequel ‘Ashes to Ashes’

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