Ravens Wimp Out!

Awwwwww… The poor Baltimore Ravens! It seems that the Browns Ravens don’t want to play at Pittsburgh in prime-time this year, and have petitioned the NFL to have any such games taken off their schedule:

There were rumors that the NFL would begin this season with Ravens-Steelers, a rematch of the AFC championship game, for its Thursday night game. But the Ravens asked not to be considered for a prime-time game at Heinz Field this season when they submitted their scheduling requests to the league, a team official told The Baltimore Sun.

Seriously? What, are you guys afraid to play the Steelers? Seriously? Don’t want to break the cycle of prime-time ass kickings (the Ravens have never beaten the Steelers in Pittsburgh in prime-time)? What is it, Bawlmerr? You guys too chicken to take on Steeltown after losing to us three times last year?

Random fact: the 2008 Steelers became the first team in NFL history to beat a team three times in three different uniforms in a single season: week 4 at home (throwbacks), week 15 in Baltimore (whites), and the AFC Championship in Pittsburgh (home black).

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