PBR is $9 at new Yankee Stadium!

The “new” Yankee Stadium is almost open for business… and guess what? They’ve replaced many of the “Beers Around The World” stalls with “Retro Beer” ones instead. These new stalls will sell “hipster” beers like Pabst, Ballantyne, Schlitz and Schaefer. I can’t speak for the other beers, but I do know that the 24 oz. cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon are going for the obscene price of $9 each, an 800% markup over what my local convenience store charges for the same product.


Of course, this might actually be a “bargain” if the new stadium is charging $6 for a 12oz. Bud draft. At the very least, buying 24oz. of beer at a time should cut down on the amount of time you stand in line. But still…

Click here to read about it on a “New Yankee Stadium” blog.

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  1. free pbr is still to much for that rotgut shit. drank way to much of that swell when i lived in kentucky where its served at weddings instead of a decent drink. and shultz yikes call it by its real name SHITZ cause that what ya get when you drink that. seeing as how baseball is about as thrilling to watch as old people fucking i need more then cheap american swell to pass time at this snoozefest of whiney rich pricks playing a childs game so i ask when are they gonna have a herion machine. P.S A-ROD we are giving away dirty needles for your roided up ass.

  2. Schlitz that is not shultz but either way you spell it, drink on the toilet cause that where your gonna end up . Schlitz fact in the lates 70’s Schlitz made a pledge to give a money to the NAACP for every can sold and then whitefolks stopped drinking it TAKE THAT OBAMA or is the government going into the beer bidness too.

  3. Dude, you *have* to stop reading all those conspiracy websites!

    Schlitz changed their formula in the early 70s to save money. The “new” Schlitz was really awful, and as a result, Schlitz fell from being the 2nd largest brewer in the US to like… the 15th largest. Schlitz then went bankrupt thanks to horrible sales and a brewer’s strike in 1981.

    They were bought by Stroh’s, which was later bought by Pabst, which was by then a “brewer” in name only (Miller actually makes most Pabst products today, including PBR, Ballantyne, McSorley’s, Lone Star, Old Style, Old Milwaukee, Pearl, Schaefer, Stroh’s, and other “retro” beers). Pabst actually owns 85 different brands of beer, although as I said, most of it is actually made by Miller.

    Schlitz is trying to make a comeback, however. They’ve gone back to their “original formula”, which is available in bottles in some places in the US. This is (allegedly) the “original” (pre-reformulation) Schlitz, and it’s supposed to be pretty decent.

  4. interesting but i remember from my youth as it being a big deal amongst its drinkers as my dads buddy who drank them like water, as did his buddys stopped for fear of supporting the naacp. maybe its time to check snopes.com to see if this was to a urban legend and this was the late 70’s maybe around 78 or 79. but who knows or cares atleast. i will stick to newcastle brown, guiness stout or good ol’ miller lite.

  5. OK, a quick Google seems to indicate that the NAACP *might* have boycotted Schlitz back in the 70s due to “racial targeting” of Schlitz Malt Liquor ads. I haven’t been able to confirm this yet.

    Also, Schlitz changed their formula in the mid-to late 70s, not the early 70s as I said earlier.

  6. BTW – isn’t it odd that people our age (and, especially, younger than that) seem to have no knowledge of Schlitz BEER, only Schlitz Malt Liquor??

    I’ve taken Schlitz to several parties, and whenever anyone asks what I’m drinking, I say “Schlitz”, and they’ll either launch into a Billy Dee Williams impression *or* ask why I’m drinking malt liquor.

    I have to say “no, not Schlitz Malt Liquor, just plain ol’ Schlitz” and they’ll say “right, the stuff Billy Dee Williams used to advertise”, so I’m like “no, that’s Schlitz Malt Liquor”. Confusion ensues.

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