SI ranks the Rooneys

Sports Illustrated recently ranked the best and worst team owners in sports. Although it was amusing to read about the worst owners in the NBA or NHL, I am first and foremost and NFL fan… and it tickled me to no end to see which NFL owner SI ranked as #1: the Rooney family:

The NFL’s most decorated franchise has been under one family’s control since its inception in 1933. Since Art Rooney’s death in 1988, the Steelers have been run by Art’s son Dan and, in recent years by Art Jr., the patriarch’s son and the third generation of Rooney. Through the years, one thing has remained consistent: the class with which the organization is run. The Rooney family’s influence over the NFL has also resulted in breakthroughs in diversity — hence the “Rooney Rule.” But at the end of the day, the Rooneys have won a record six Super Bowl trophies and have given Pittsburgh, an industrial town that always seems to be hit hardest in tough economic times, its biggest source of civic pride.

Although I hate the Baltimore fucking Ravens with every once of my soul, it also kind of made me proud to see Steve Bisciotti on the list. Out of 32 total NFL owners, it’s pretty cool to see two of the four AFC North teams make the Top 5. However, it should probably come as no surprise that Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bungles came in at #4 on the “Worst Owners” list.

Also, it’s pretty amazing to see that Art Rooney’s $2500 investment is now worth over a billion dollars. Even accounting for inflation, Art’s initial investment is still only around $40,000 in today’s dollars!

Read the full list here.

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