Great news!

‘Morning, everyone! How about not one, but TWO great TV news items to start your day:

First of all, NBC has renewed Chuck for a third season! So not only will we get to see the awesomeness that is Chuck, we’ll still get our weekly dose of  Yvonne Strahovski as well! Speaking of, here’s an old commercial from her native Australia that’s pretty funny:

And here’s Yvonne being interviewed by Craig Ferguson. Not only is it pretty funny, you can hear Yvonne speaking in her sexy accent:

The second big news item is even better: Tony Kornheiser is gone from Monday Night Football! Yes, it’s true! He’s gone! He’s gone! He’s gone! I won’t want to punch my TV this football season! When I first read the linked article, a rousing version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy filled my head… OH HAPPY DAY! Tony’s Kornhole is gone!

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