Wachovia branch closed; failed to pay taxes

Are these the people you want managing your money???

Shoemakersville residents no longer have to wonder why their beloved bank, the only one in town, closed in April.

The building at 455 Main St. stands empty because Wachovia Corp. didn’t pay its 2006 municipal and county property taxes or its 2008 Hamburg School District taxes, according to Berks County Treasurer Nelson H. Long.

The corporation, operating under the name Meridian Properties Inc., lost the building in a tax sale Sept. 24, 2008, according to records in the Berks County Tax Claim Bureau.

Despite numerous phone calls, certified letters and even a sheriff’s notification, Wachovia failed to pay $9,600 in delinquent taxes and penalties, Long said.

Even if Wachovia wanted to close the branch (as they claim), why would they let the property be seized and sold for $16,900 when the property is worth $240,000??

via Tax woes spurred closing of Shoemakersville bank.

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