Mad Men Quasi-Spoiler!

Ohmygosh! The first picture from the set of season 3 of Mad Men has leaked!

Enjoy the pic after the jump (sorry RSS and Facebook people!):


OK, so… unless this picture is of a flashback scene, I guess this means that season 3 of the show takes place around late June of 1963. We know this because Betty conceived on September 18th, 1962 (see 2.10 – “The Inheritance”). This would give her a due due of around June 18, 1963. Of course, this shot could be from the end of the season, too.

Perhaps then season 3 will be done before the JFK assassination (Matthew Wieiner has previously stated that he wants to avoid that issue as it’s “been done before”).

Bring on 08/16/09!!

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