Mindy Kahling ROCKS!

Mindy KahlingMindy Kahling, known to most as “Kelly Kapoor” on the sitcom The Office, also a writes and produces the show. And when she’s not doing that, she’s running the funniest Twitter page in history. Seriously! I literally laugh out loud at a lot of her tweets!

Interestingly, although Kahling claims that Kelly Kapoor is just a character she plays, Kahling’s tweets and the posts she writes on her blog (“Things I Bought That I Love“) seem to indicate that there’s actually a fair amount of Mindy in Kelly.

Check out these tweets for some serious funny:

– I get it @samantharonson, you’re a big deal bc you have a washer AND a dryer.

– The common brown forest fox does not have a lot in common with the artic snow fox, and yet they can be friends. America, are u watching?

– For dinner I want to eat a box of cherry Pop Tarts and a can of Sprite. Instead: salmon and steamed broccoli. Fuck.

– “Gran Torino” is a great movie but it shouldve been called “Get Off My Lawn”.

– I just *knew* that the drivethru of the mcdonalds that was under construction would still be open. Kids, always believe in yourselves.

– I’m excited to become one of those creepy secular religious LA people with windchimes and who stretch all the time.

– How is it possible to love peace but hate the peace sign as much as I do?

– Y is not a vowel, dolphins are fish, penises are organs, and butterflies are tiny angels.

– I’m going to commit a lot of crime during these NBA finals. Anyone want anything from my distracted boyfriend’s apartment?

– I’m not sure I like when billboards say “From the Guys who brought you…” What am I, going to a barbeque? Don’t be so informal with me, …

– One thing that’s really important to know about me is that NO sunrise is worth waking me up to see.

– Just had the best run, listening to Bjork’s Army of Me 7 times. I was the head of a zombie gang attacking a hospital.

These last two tweets are from the day before her 30th birthday:

– Gang, it’s the last day of my 20’s. Who wants to get high and rob a bank in Richard Nixon masks?

– Where do they give you free stuff on your birthday? Just planning my day tomorrow. Or I’ll fucking shoplift you guys I swear to God.

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