Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America!

I’m sure some of the liberals out there are racing to publish “America’s first birthday with a black president and what it all means” stories.

Me? I’m gonna sit on a chair made in China and get tanked on Irish beer and listen to English bands whilst eating German sausages with French mustard along with some Belgian fries… and I’ll do it wearing a shirt made in Honduras, jeans made in Malaysia, boxers made in India, and boots made in England but sold only through a Slovakian website… ‘cos that’s how I roll! Too bad I don’t have a Japanese car to drive to get to the party, no?


Seriously… Happy Independence Day, everyone! Have fun, but be careful out there!

Amusing true story: I stole the above graphic from the Bunny Ranch’s website. Here’s the NSFW page from Google’s cache.

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