Chaos Erupts in Korea

Chaos exploded in Korea today, as Korean contestant Debbie Lee, who is Korean, was voted off The Next Food Network Star television show. Debbie’s two dishes, Korean-style Korean shortribs from Korea and Korean pear rolls a’ la Korea, were deemed inferior by the show’s panel of judges, who are not Korean. Lee, who is Korean, appeared to be devastated by the news.

“As a Korean with Korean parents from Korea, I’m completely at a loss. By the way, I’m Korean”, Lee was quoted as saying.

As soon as news leaked out from New York, violence broke out in the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul, which quickly moved to the Insadong and Itaewon neighborhoods.

“Debbie has insulted Korean’s citizens, Korea’s culture, Korea’s past, and Korean’s proud culinary traditions”, South Korean president Lee Myung-bak was quoted as saying. “May the ghosts of her ancestors haunt her for all eternity for the shame she, as a Korean, has placed upon us”.

Lee, who is of Korean decent, is Korean.

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