Odds and Sods

As always, I’ve got a bunch of random stories piling up on my virtual desktop, so let’s get to it, shall we?

– Peter Pan got married! Randy Constan, who became one of the first “Internet celebrities” by dressing up as Peter Pan, tied the knot recently at Fiddleworth Chapel at the Bay Area Renaissance Faire (BARF?) in Tampa. Randy and “Princess Dorothy” appear to be very happy together!

– In more marriage news, it seems that comic book character Archie Andrews is finally getting married too! The comic’s publisher attempted to create some excitement by keeping it up in the air as to whether Archie would marry sweetheart blonde Betty or saucy brunette Veronica. But word has leaked out… and he’s going to marry Veronica! I think that’s a wise choice. Sure, Betty was sweet and all, but Veronica must be wildcat in the sack, no?

– You know blue M&Ms? Apparently the dye used to make them blue might be an effective treatment for spinal injuries. According to the linked article, “[t]he compound, Brilliant Blue G, can block a chemical which makes injuries worse by causing inflammation and destroying cells”. One bizarre side effect of the treatment: the skin turns a brilliant blue for a few days!

– This can’t be good: British bouncers and parking attendants have now been given power to issue tickets for anti-social behavior. So not only can the jerk working the door at some snooty nightclub not let you in, he can give you a citation for arguing with him over it, too.

– British couple Peter Clarke, and Sharon Arthurs-Chegini enjoyed a “champagne and cocaine” lifestyle after stealing a luxury yacht… but they died a horrible death after starving to death off the coast of Senegal. To make matters worse, they ran out of fresh water, too. When I visited the Dachau concentration camp back in 1991, I learned all the gory details about what happens when a person dies from total starvation (Nazis would often lock camp troublemakers in a room without food or water until they died). It’s not something I’d wish on anyone, and I can’t imagine what those poor folks went through!

– And lastly, here’s the opposite of starvation: the Rubik’s Cubewich

Rubiks Cubewich

Man, I want one of those!

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