Corporations suck…

I love America as much as the next guy, but sometimes American corporations make me so mad… I just don’t even know what to do.

Here’s a couple examples:

– Xcel Energy, an energy company in the American Midwest, is hurt and angry that people might have the nerve to use solar power instead of (or in addition to) the company’s electricity. Their solution? Charge people for not using them!

– Did you know that many companies have arrangement with AT&T to provide discounted wireless services to their employees? Well, guess what? To get the discount, you have to pay a $36 activation fee!

This last thing isn’t about an American corporation, but it bothers me nevertheless: you know those American flag lapel pins that Barack Obama got in trouble for not wearing during the campaign? Well, British police officers have been wearing similar (British) ones in support of their troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan… until now. Someone found them “offensive”, and now the cops are being ordered to cease wearing them.

What’s with Europeans? I “get” that they think Americans are weird for flying the flag everywhere. And I can even almost see their point. But there are people who live in Britain who find the flag offensive? Really? Really? Sure, America’s got a few neo-Nazis, Communists and Black Panther types that feel the same way, but they’re hardly numerous enough to be taken seriously.

Europeans are weird.

UPDATE: The Metropolitan Police changed its mind; the Union flag lapel pins are now OK.

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