Monday’s “Random Stuff” Post

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere was the star of the recent bomb, I Love You, Beth Cooper. If you saw the film (or the trailer, or the commercial) you might remember the pivotal opening scene, where a high school valedictorian uses his commencement address to announce his longtime crush on Panettiere’s title character. Well, it seems that a jackass viral marketing team paid a real-life valedictorian in Los Angeles $1800 to “spontaneously” reveal her secret crush during her own commencement address. A member of the marketing team was on hand to record it for posting to YouTube. The team did not ask for permission from the school administration or the Los Angeles Unified School District… so parents were subjected to what was essentially a marketing gimmick for a crappy movie in the middle of their children’s high school graduation. Stay classy, marketing folks!

– Food Network star Guy Fieri’s two restaurants are getting horrible reviews on It’s unclear whether the restaurants actually suck, or if this is some kind of backlash against the celebrity or what. It’s still funny, though.

– Barnes and Noble are adding DRM to certain ebooks… to “protect the copyright”… of public domain books. I don’t understand it, either.

– A 14 year-old British racing star who was nearly decapitated in a racing incident has made a full (and remarkable) recovery.

– A simple, $5000 facelift surgery might cure migranes.

– Gibraltar’s airport has a major road that runs across a runway:

Gibraltar Airport

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