Tweets in Outlook

Twitter is, of course, a highly popular “microblog” site where people post short items about their lives. Microsoft Outlook is an all-in-one program that does email, RSS feeds, calendaring, task lists and more.

If, like me, you’re one of those people who uses Outlook several hours a day, you might be interested in TwInbox, a free plug-in that allows you to send, receive, archive and search tweets in Outlook:


Setup is really simple: just install the plug-in and provide it with your Twitter login information. The plug-in allows you to receive all your tweets in a single folder, or you have have TwInbox create subfolders for each person you’re following. As mentioned, you can create new tweets from Outlook, too. What’s more, because every tweet becomes a standard Outlook post, you can archive the tweets to a PST file and search them like anything else in Outlook! In fact, the only thing you can’t do is follow new people (you’ll still need the web interface for that).

TwInbox is free and available here.

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