R.I.P. Dominick Dunne

Today, the world lost a philandering drunk who killed a girl back in 1969… and also lost a gifted crime writer:

Writer Dominick Dunne has died, Vanity Fair is reporting. He was 83.

He died of bladder cancer today at home in Manhattan, said his son, actor-director Griffin Dunne.

Dunne was a best-selling author who also spent 25 years as a correspondent and editor with Vanity Fair. He covered some of the most celebrated figures and their legal travails.

via Writer Dominick Dunne has died at 83 – USATODAY.com.

2 Replies to “R.I.P. Dominick Dunne”

  1. Two things:
    1) I honestly thought you were talking about DD for a minute there with the murderer comment. Considering he got his start as a writer talking about the trial of the man who killed his daughter, I had some serious congnitive dissonance. 🙂
    2) Don’t forget that Teddy was also a longtime contributor to NORAID making him a terrorist supporter as well. According to an article in GQ, he would appear to be a serial sexual assaulter as well.

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