The freak show that shamed Britain

Big Brother, one of Britian’s most popular TV shows in the recent past, has been canceled due to plummeting ratings. Daily Mail commentator Richard Littlejohn compares the death of the show with the death of New Labour in an amusing post:

For most of the show’s 12-year run, Gordon was biting his nails and banging his head against the wall. Whenever there was a scandal in the New Labour house, he hid behind the sofa, away from the cameras.

After Blair was evicted in 2007 and went on to become a global star, earning millions of pounds a year, Gordon attempted to become the main character, but ratings continued to slump and he soon realised there was nowhere to hide.

He resorted to a bizarre act of self-abuse on YouTube, in the belief that the audience had migrated to the internet, but it was too late.

Although I got a good laugh out of the piece, it was sad and unnerving to read all the nasty bits about New Labour. I suppose that any government in power for 12 years will have some scandals, but jeez – these people are just… something!

via Good riddance to the freak show that shamed Britain

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