More fun with Bawlmer

Saw this on a the Bawlmer Sun’s “Ravens Insider” page via Twitter:

Early in training camp, three-time Pro Bowl linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs goaded the reigning champion Pittsburgh Steelers by wearing a black t-shirt that read, “You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate the Steelers” on the back.

Well, cornerback Frank Walker showed off his own Steelers-themed apparel this morning and the sentiment was similar in tone.

Walker wore a black t-shirt that had “Hey Pittsburgh” in big yellow letters and a Raven extending a purple middle finger.

What’s funny about it are the comments from Ravens fans:

– “Hey Frank, don’t worry about the Steelers until you stop getting burned off the line. You suck.”

– “hopefully frank walker will be wearing his t shirt and watching from home in November, rather than being on the field making ben rothelsburger look good.”

– “Pittsburgh is 3 months away. He’ll have pleanty of opportunities to get burned and/or spit in players mouths before then.”

– “While Baltimore continues its obsession with Pittsburgh & keeps making shirts about them , Pittsburgh fans continue wearing their Superbowl shirts…”

– “How Frank Walker still has a job is one of the biggest mysteries in the NFL – not only does the guy run his mouth off the field, he is also a well documented liability on the field.”

– “What is more embarrassing: A tee shirt appropriate for middle school kids or being picked on by the Jets time after time?”

– “Team spirit and blown coverages won’t help you make the team, Frank.”

– “What dirt does Walker have on Harbaugh? There can be no other reason he is on this team.”

Life’s funny sometimes.

via Ravens Insider: Walker continues the feud with the Steelers.

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