Thanks, Panthers!

Check out this map:


The people in red get to watch the Vikings take on the Packers this Sunday. That should be a hell of a game – Brett Farve returning to play at Lambeau Field, two well-matched teams going at it… and the line is the home team by 3.

The people in blue – me – instead get to watch the Carolina Panthers travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals. That game should be a bloodbath – in fact, I’m surprised that the line is only 9. Me? I think the final score will be 34-6 for the home team. But I’ll get to see the Panthers – in all their crappy glory – instead of a game that, you know, people actually want to watch.


Oh, and John Fox said today that Jake Delhomme is still, somehow, the Panthers’ starting quarterback (check out this great article on that asks what Jake has to do to get benched).

Should I go ahead and get season tickets for next year when Cowher takes over?

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