Major Mad Men recap delay

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, I still have not posted a recap of last week’s Mad Men. There’s a reason for that.

Last weekend I had my 20-year high school reunion in Atlanta. That was on Saturday.

On Sunday, Lisa and I went to visit one of her friends outside Chattanooga. We’d planned to leave around 2pm on Monday, but didn’t actually hit the road until 3:15. We were going to take I-75 north to I-40 and go home via Asheville. Unfortunately, we got halfway to Knoxville before finding out that a rock slide had closed I-40 near the TN\NC line. So we had to take an alternate route through the mountains (which was delayed a further 30 minutes when I made what appears to be a common navigational mistake). So what should have taken six hours took almost nine, and we didn’t get home until midnight.

Since getting home, a combination of work, household stuff and trips to the vet have kept me from getting started on the recap… hell, I didn’t even watch the episode until Thursday morning!

I hope to start on it tomorrow (but it’s Halloween, so who knows?) and for sure I’ll make a lot of progress Sunday afternoon (we get the Cards\Panthers as the late game, and since that’s not worthy of HD, I’ll be able to watch the game in my office and write).

Sorry for the delay, folks… especially for such an incredible episode!

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  1. Dang! I also missed it-but small world-I was also outside of Chattanooga last week (Soddy Daisy) and in the mountains photographing the Fall leaves.

  2. Ha ha! Wild! I hadn’t been in 15 years. I highly recommend breakfast at Whimpies and the Lemon Custard ice cream at Kay’s Kastle if you go again, I have lots of relatives living there.

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