Cop Tases 10-Year-Old Girl

From The Smoking Gun:

An Arkansas cop tasered an unruly 10-year-old girl after her mother called police to report that the child was crying, screaming, and refusing to go to bed. The tased girl, Kiara Medlock, is about 65 pounds and 4′ 6″, according to her father.

Here’s the girl:


Yes, this girl was obviously a threat to a fully-grown male police officer. This makes me sick to my stomach.

And some people wonder why other people hate cops so much.

via Cop Tases 10-Year-Old Girl – November 18, 2009.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • Well… the AFC North sure got its ass kicked today. #
  • Every time #NoKidHungry is mentioned in a tweet, Domino/C&H sugar will donate $1 to Share Our Strength (up to 10k!) Pass it on! #
  • Four days until Clean Old-Fashioned Hate! #
  • Mexican Coca-Cola: good, but not the ambrosia people made it out to be. I prefer West Jefferson Dr Pepper! #
  • Three days until Clean Old-Fashioned Hate! #
  • Two days until Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! #
  • BREAKING: Tiger Woods seriously injured in car accident: #
  • Clean Old-Fashioned Hate is TOMORROW! #
  • Dennis Dixon is starting on Sunday? Dammit, another one in the "L" column for the Steelers. What a season! #
  • Today is the day! Welcome to Atlanta, bitches! #
  • What's the good word? #
  • Well, Tech lost tonight, but I'm the only one here still awake. As I see it, Pabst + Klonopin wins! #

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January in a Jersey!

OK, so I know this is almost a month old by now, but I just had to share this with you: on November 11, Mad Men star January Jones appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. As luck would have it, Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamalu also appeared on the show that day.

During Polamalu’s bit, Fallon put on a helmet and shoulder pads while Polamalu showed him how to go after a blocking sled. January watched… while wearing a Polamalu jersey!



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Monday’s Strange News

So I saved several news stories for you folks today, and they all have a similar theme… they’re all a bit weird:

– Rom Houben is a Belgian man who was in a horrific car crash in 1983. At the time, doctors guessed that he was in a coma. So they treated him like that for 23 years… only to give him a brain scan in 2006 and find out that his brain was functioning perfectly. It seems that Rom wasn’t in a coma after all – he was just paralyzed from the accident. Poor Rom sat there, in his hospital bed, for 23 years without the ability to tell his doctors that he wasn’t in a coma. After the 2006 brain scan, doctors began an intensive physical rehabilitation plan, and now Rom is able to type communicate with the outside world by typing messages on a computer. Personally, I can’t think of anything scarier – lying in a hospital bed for two decades, fully conscious of everything going on around you, yet unable to communicate that to anyone else. Read more about it here.

– Police in Peru have busted criminal gang that was allegedly killing people for their fat, which they sold to European cosmetic companies. As the article points out, there is plenty of human fat available for purchase thanks to liposuction, and there’s really no documented cosmetic benefit to human fat. But still, the gang was able to sell the illicit wares for around $15,000 per litre.

– The town of Coshocton, Ohio has a free municipal Wi-Fi system. Police use it to file paperwork without leaving their cars (after giving someone a traffic ticket, for example). During festivals, vendors use it to make credit card transactions. Truckers and businessmen often stop in the town and use it to check their email or corporate websites. But it almost all came crashing down after someone used the network to illegally download a movie. Amazingly, the system only uses a single external IP address, and the MPAA had the entire network shut down because of the file-sharing. The network is now back up, but the incident only highlights the MPAA’s foolishness.

– And lastly, a story a bit closer to home: Belmont police offer Jerry Anderson kept the city’s K-9 dog in a kennel behind his home… that is, until this past Friday, when the dog was stolen. The missing Belgian Malinois is valued at $2,600.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • TFLN: there was a kid puking in the bathroom and this idiot brings in a potted plant and was like yeah he's like, not getting enough oxygen #
  • TFLN: "you kept spraying the cat with water and then telling it to 'man up' when it cried" #
  • Hangover + Dead Kennedys on Sunday. Thanks, iPod Shuffle! #
  • The 5 worst words ever uttered in English: "The Star Wars Holiday Special"! #
  • Who is "Ed Balls" and why does he make British headlines so funny? #
  • "I'm ready." Uh-huh! 😉 #
  • "Sending out an Esso Blue…" #
  • Banana Bread Beer! #
  • "Just to remind you folks… we're closing at midnight tonight." #
  • I survived IKEA! 😉 #
  • "So, my story: I'm in the strip club with Charles Barkley and one of the hobbits…" #

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“…almost medieval barbarity”

This is just chilling:

A thug high on drink and drugs gouged out his former lover’s eye during a murder bid and threw it from an eighth-floor balcony.

Francis Murphy was today jailed for 12 years by a judge who told him he had committed a crime of “almost medieval barbarity”.

An earlier trial heard how jealous Murphy attacked Natalie Farrell, 27, with the wire of a coat hanger as he threatened: “I am taking your eye out you f****** cow”.

After flinging her eye from the eighth floor of a Dundee high-rise, evil Murphy then tried to throw her over the balcony as well.

via Mail Online.