Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • TFLN: there was a kid puking in the bathroom and this idiot brings in a potted plant and was like yeah he's like, not getting enough oxygen #
  • TFLN: "you kept spraying the cat with water and then telling it to 'man up' when it cried" #
  • Hangover + Dead Kennedys on Sunday. Thanks, iPod Shuffle! #
  • The 5 worst words ever uttered in English: "The Star Wars Holiday Special"! #
  • Who is "Ed Balls" and why does he make British headlines so funny? #
  • "I'm ready." Uh-huh! 😉 #
  • "Sending out an Esso Blue…" #
  • Banana Bread Beer! #
  • "Just to remind you folks… we're closing at midnight tonight." #
  • I survived IKEA! 😉 #
  • "So, my story: I'm in the strip club with Charles Barkley and one of the hobbits…" #

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