Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • AP Top 25: "7) Georgia Tech" Woot! #
  • After searching for this one Blondie song for 5 years… I found out that it's actually a Kim Wilde song. Ooops! #
  • Woo-hoo!! Bring on the Bungles, baby! #
  • Let's go, Virginia! Time to execute John Allen Muhammad!! #
  • "The prettiest girl in a John Hughes film was Gina Gershon". Discuss. #
  • "Did you f**k my mom? Did you f**k my mom, Santa?" Ahhh – Charlie Kelly, you comedic genius! #
  • @MicrosoftHelps Is there any way someone could look at This issue is driving me crazy! Thanks! #
  • "The courage of your weenie" – an actual subject line from an email in a client's spam folder. #
  • Actual headline from the UK: "Slaughterman executed mother with bolt gun in front of her daughters after she snubbed him on Facebook " #
  • GO JACKETS! 10-1 and ACC Coastal champs! #

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4 Replies to “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15”

  1. hehehehehehe!!! Close – it was “Everything We Know”.

    For some reason, it was much more “electropoppy” in my head than the sort of reggae-inspired song it actually is. I owed the “Kim Wilde” cassette several years ago, but never got a digital version… until now!

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