Worth Watching: Paradox

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of British TV. I’ve recently stumbled across a show I think my readers might enjoy: Paradox


The gist of the show is this: a satellite (privately owned by a British defense contractor very closely aligned with the Ministry of Defence) suddenly, out of the blue, begins receiving pictures… from the future. The pictures come in batches of eight or perhaps twelve. They’re usually grainy or out of focus, and are of some minute detail, like the partial serial number of a manhole cover, or a small section of a roadway sign. It’s up to a special group of Manchester cops – led by DI Rebecca Flint (Tamzin Outhwaite, of Hotel Babylon, The Fixer, and “sexy, sexy voice” fame) to figure out the clues and stop a crime – or disaster – from happening.

But it’s not quite that simple. Where are the images coming from? Somewhere deep in space… or a parallel universe? What’s so special about these crimes in particular? Or is it not the crimes themselves, but the people involved that are so important? And if so… what role do they play that’s so important that someone, somewhere is desperate to keep them safe? And are the images exactly what they seem? Do they always apply only to a certain event, or do they involve multiple events? What if this whole thing is just a set up, and this is actually some kind of secret experiment conducted by the MoD on a select group of police officers? Questions, questions… watch Paradox and fall under its considerable spell!

If you like Fringe or The X-Files or Lost or even something like Journeyman, you’ll like this show. And even if you don’t like those shows, you still might want to check it out: although the premise of the show (possibly) involves time travel or parallel universes, most of the show concerns modern police work, thus “grounding” the show in reality.

Paradox is a BBC production that airs on Tuesday nights in the UK. The show should be readily available in XviD and 720p versions from most any Bittorrent tracker or TV blog.


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