FRIDAY FUN: Morven Christie

Morven Christie is a Scottish actress. According to Wiki, she “grew up in Scotland, splitting her time between Glasgow and Aviemore. She traveled and worked a series of jobs including teaching skiing, before studying acting at the Drama Centre London, graduating in 2003. Christie has worked on stage, film and television drama since. She currently lives in North London”.

I think she’s as cute as a button, and looks a bit like a Scottish Piper Perabo:



It might seem ironic, but I don’t think she’s all that photogenic. Check her out “in the flesh” in this interview on British TV. She’s just so adorable I wanna scream:


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  1. Dear Morvin, i had the pleasure of meting you on Wed 5th Oct as you were returning home to London, only when we parted did i truly realise who you were in the talented actress i have always admired. On tv you look taller, that will be why i failed to recognise you, you are far more beutiful in the flesh, very petite and certainly looking younger than your 28yrs. I also was born in Helensburgh, seems all good talented things come out of Helensburgh. Anyhow, really nice meeting you and i will surely follow your career more so now ive had my claim to fame. Hope we meet again sometime, perhaps i could help you with your lines of the up-comming sketch you spoke about, he he lmao. Good luck with it, im sure you will carry it of with the same profesional acting that has made you famous thus far.

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