Well now they’ve done it.

It seems that The Episcopal Church, in a cost-cutting move, has fired the unionized cleaning and maintenance company at the church’s Manhattan headquarters and replaced it with a cheaper, non-union company. This is a big-deal in union-friendly New York, and the move has angered people on both the left and right side of the church.

The left is angry that church leadership would turn its back on the working man, especially after TEC called upon other companies to use unionized labor. In fact, at the most recent General Convention, the House of Bishops took Disney to task for its union-busting policies… and now church leadership is doing the same thing!

For their part, the right is angry that the church would try to save a few thousand dollars at a time when it’s spending millions suing its own parishioners. One traditionalist said last week that “[m]illions are spent on lawyers by 815 while nine cleaners are fired to save a few thousand dollars”.


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