Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • The Japanese version of "A Secret Wish" with extra tracks? You really CAN download anything you want off the Internet these days! #
  • @heyred704 What up, girl?? 🙂 #
  • @heyred704 No tips, but there's this: #
  • Sorry for the rash of Facebook notes from me today. I had a plug-in installed on my blog that went crazy. It's been disabled now. #
  • FX is airing a mini-marathon of "Archer" tonight at 10pm. It's the funniest show you're not watching! Check it out! #
  • Sounds dirty but it isn't: "You have poked Lisa King". #
  • Take THAT, Finland! #
  • @heyred704 Hey – be sure to let us know how it is! Them menu looks AWESOME! in reply to heyred704 #
  • Sheesh! @aimeemann hates EVERYTHING! #
  • @heyred704 What's wrong, girl? in reply to heyred704 #
  • Woot! Almost hockey time! #
  • Testing! #

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