Samantha Fox: Looking Good!

I caught all kinds of hell for this post about how Terminator star Linda Hamilton was aging… well, let’s just say “less than gracefully”. Several people left nasty comments, the worst of which I deleted before they ever went public. And so, in order to counter the claims of ageism from that post, let me show you how 80s pop star Samantha Fox is getting along these days.

First off, a picture from her Page 3 Girl glory days, not too long before “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” became a hit in the UK and US:

Samantha Fox
(click to embiggen)

After the jump, a picture of her now.

Here’s what she looks like today:

Samantha Fox now
(click to embiggen)

Not bad. Maybe she’s had some work done, but it looks more to me like she’s just kept in shape. She’s aging pretty well, and is NOT a plastic surgery disaster, which is the important thing.

2 Replies to “Samantha Fox: Looking Good!”

  1. Wow!! She drove me crazy in the 80’s. There was that topless picture disc she put out and the song sucked but that pic was WOW!!!!

  2. I will say that Samantha was very pretty or gorgeous back in 85 and to see your picture now she is even more gorgeous and now to know that she’s only a year older than I am

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