Wednesday Randomness

– Heidi Montag has made a commercial about credit card protection. So yes – the girl made of plastic is telling you not to use plastic.

– You don’t smoke, so you thought it was great when states went after smokers by banning smoking in public places and increasing the price of cigarettes. Smokers tried to warn you that once the do-gooders were done with them, they’d turn to you. You ignored them. You laughed at them. “I don’t smoke or drink,” you said. “What can they come after me for?” And now the state of New York is considering a bill which would ban the use of salt at any restaurant in the state. Seriously.

– Marion Cotillard shows us her beautiful French breasts in this Funny or Die video (no, it’s not what you think).

– A kid moves out of the house. His parents decide to sell some of the stuff he left behind on Craigslist. Hilarity ensues (link possibly NSFW).

– Walmart is rolling out a line of locally-grown produce to its stores. In a blind taste test, a bunch of pretentious, self-righteous food snobs found out, to their intense horror, that they often preferred Walmart’s (significantly cheaper) offerings to their beloved Whole Foods.

– Best idea ever?

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