Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • wonders when tennis shoes all became "gangsta moon boots"! #
  • Meck County: $30m for NASCAR HoF, but shutting down half the libraries? At least they have priorities! #
  • @AnglophileA What an embarassing thing to OD on! 😉 in reply to AnglophileA #
  • Obvious headline of the day: "UK Space Agency is unlikely to threaten NASA supremacy" #
  • I think I threw my arm out playing Wii Tennis. My shoulder is KILLING ME! #
  • Dear TomTom: the XL 330 is the most aggravating device I've ever dealt with. And I owned a Velo 1! #
  • HAHA – "24" is canceled! Jason Bourne's ass-kicking of Jack Bauer is complete! #
  • @terrinh73 Ewwwww! Thanks for shating yer toe, honey! in reply to terrinh73 #
  • So… you can't smoke in Golden Corral any more… but you can consume 12,000 calories at dinner? Makes sense to me! #

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