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Two quick updates from the wacky world of Anglicanism:

– St Andrew’s Church, the largest church in the Diocese of South Carolina, voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to leave The Episcopal Church and join the Anglican Church in North America. And by “overwhelmingly” I mean that: 703 church members voted in favor of leaving, while only 19 voted to stay… a 97% landslide! Of course, with what’s going on in South Carolina these days, the entire diocese might be next! Read more here.

– One of the basic tenets of canon law is that a bishop cannot enter the diocese of another bishop and preach or administer the sacrament without that bishop’s express permission. Bishop Iker had to remind “that woman” of that very fact when she once attempted to preach in Ft. Worth without his permission, and “that woman” has since used that same law to prevent orthodox Anglican bishops from visiting like-minded parishes in liberal dioceses. But it seems that Gene Robinson can preach in Dallas without first obtaining the permission of Bishop Stanton. I can’t decide which line to end this paragraph with: “hypocrisy, thy name is The Episcopal Church” or “The Episcopal Church has always been at war with Eastasia”. You decide.

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